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Thomas Chua
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Many of you have asked me how to value a company.

Well, it is finally here!

To best address this topic, I'm went back to basics refreshed my notes, gone through the Valuation guide by Mckinsey and revisited Aswath Damodaran’s lecture to summarize my lessons into this post and valuation spreadsheet for you.

What's in here:

✔️ DCF Model
✔️Forward Relative Valuation Model
✔️Valuation Primer at

How much does it cost?

This checklist is being offered using a pay-what-you-want model.The suggested retail price is $9.90, but you are free to choose any price that you see fit

This intrinsic value calculator is not investment advice. This is the calculator I use to estimate intrinsic value of businesses. I'm not responsible for any investing decisions that you make. Please consult your own investment advisor if you have any questions.

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Intrinsic Value Calculator

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